Easttown comes up empty in trash inquiry The township sought bids to charge per bag. Only its current
hauler responded -- by proposing higher fees.
By Meredith Fischer
Philadelphia Inquirer
February 18, 1999

EASTTOWN -- Residents wanted relief from their hefty one-size-fits-all trash
So they packed a township meeting and asked the supervisors to seek bids
from trash haulers for a system of billing according to how many bags
residents put out.
This week the bids came back. And rather than a new system, residents could
see a 30 percent increase in their annual flat fee.
The only commercial hauler to respond was J.P. Mascaro & Sons Inc., of
Harleysville, which has the township contract now.
Not only did Mascaro & Sons not submit a cost for "unit pricing," it proposed
increasing the flat fees that all households now pay.
"I am really upset," said Pat Imperato, who heads the township municipal
waste advisory commission. "There is a strong sense within the community
that this is not fair."
The company proposed charging the township $200 a year for household
pickup twice a week and $173 for once-a-week service. The township would
tack on administrative and disposal fees.
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compiled by Ben Oostdam on February 9, 2001